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Siberia in the largest sense of the word describes the Asian part of Russia. It encompasses about two thirds of the national territory. In most areas of Siberia you will find comparatively hot summers (up to +40°C), followed by extremely cold winters (as cold as -72°C). Often the land is covered by snow for nine months of the year. At 23 million inhabitants, Siberia is only thinly settled, with the population concentrated in a narrow strip along the South and South West. The Russian Federal Drug Authority stated for 2009 that there were 2.5 million drug addicts in Siberia. Also, 65% of the 950,000 cases of AIDS are drug related.

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Tyumen is the capital of the administrative district of the same name and has about 582,000 inhabitants (2010). Recent years have seen an economic up-turn, which on the one hand increased the standard of living for the general population, but which on the other hand also increased the rift to the poorer part of the population.

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