We have established Transformation Houses in various countries of South America. These are children's homes in which we provide a new home for street children.

A Home in Paraguay

The first Transformation House was established in 2001 in a suburb of Asuncion. But very soon it turned out to be too small, so in 2008 we built a second, much larger house on a neighboring piece of property. Now we have space for 30 children. For many years now two German couples have been responsible for this ministry. The first beginnings of the work in Asuncion in 2000, however, literally lay on the street. Day after day, our staff would roam the streets of Asuncion to look for street kids, giving them very practical support. At the central bus terminal, they rented a room which they opened for the street kids to give them a safe place for the night. Later, some of these kids found a new home in the Transformation House.

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A Home in Bolivia

The spacious grounds are an ideal setting for a new home for 60 children in beautiful surroundings. The high standard in the Transformation House is a conscious counter statement against the resignation and hopelessness in the land. In a country where a child's life does not count for much, the basic idea in the Transformation House is that every child is worth receiving the very best.

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A Home in Peru

The Transformation House in Lima started in a private apartment. When we moved to a 5-story apartment block in July 2011, there was enough space to give a new home to more children. Right from the start, the work in Lima was located in a highly volatile area. "La Victoria" is a slum area in Lima known for its high crime rate. Youth gangs fight on the streets in broad daylight. Armed robbery, fraud, and abuse are daily occurrences. Many of the children living in the Transformation House today were born right on these streets. Others were abandoned by their mothers and came to us by a judge's order. Without the help of TOS Ministries International none of them would have had a great chance of survival.

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