We have had many volunteers in various countries of South America, in Israel and Belarus. Here are some of their testimonials.

Rebecca, 19 years

I benefited tremendously from my time in Bolivia. I had the opportunity to get to know a way of life, language and culture that was completely unknown to me before, and I made so many new friends. I was able to get involved and share, and I learned so much along the way.

Kristina, 24 years

I spent 9 months in South America, and it was a wonderful time for me when I was able to work with so many children. The kids were from a great variety of backgrounds; some grew up on the streets because the parents could not afford to feed them any more; others didn't know their parents at all, while others had been abused by their parents. I so much enjoyed playing, painting, dancing with the kids, making them smile. The children are warm and open, and they love having grown-ups spend time with them.

Timo, 20 years

The time in Israel went far beyond my wildest dreams. I met open people who took me into their culture and country. This time gave me a second home and strengthened my resolve to stand by Israel and the Jewish people as a friend.

Olivia, 19 yearrs

This was actually the first time for me to get in touch with people with disabilities. So the time was really challenging for me, but also full of amazing experiences that I will never forget. I can only recommend volunteering!

Antje, 20 years

During this time, I got to know a completely different culture and I met so many incredible people, learnt a new language and was able to discover the city. I was able to make so many amazing new experiences, get to know myself better, and I learnt so much working with the children and staff. All in all, it was absolutely worth it to take that leap into the unknown and to discover a new world. Even if the time went by far to quickly for me, I have profited so much from my second home, mainly memories and friendships that I hope will last a lifetime.

Dan, 18 years

I volunteered in Paraguay. My stay there was absolutely worth the effort! I got to know what poverty looks like, but also how it is possible to help. I received a more global perspective and see people in a completely different light than before.

Judith, 19 years

During my time as a volunteer, I experienced so many new things, got to know a new country and for a time found a second family.
I can recommend working as a volunteer to all who are itching for adventures abroad, who are willing to throw themselves into work in a children's home and who want to keep growing and developing.