"Enough is enough" - sickness, the death of a friend through an overdose or similar occasions may cause a drug addict to seek help in our contact center. In many cases, a drug addict is visited by old friends who tell him about a way out. But the decision to quit drugs is only the beginning of the battle. This is where the work of our staff begins - they visit the drug addicts in hospital, in prison, at the local drug scene, or they are available to talk at "The Office". They want the addicts to know that freedom is possible despite the occasional setback.

Ambulatory Therapy in Belarus

With 6,153 registered drug addicts (2010), Svetlagorsk has the highest per capita rate of drug addicts in Belarus. Our staff on site offer ambulatory counsel and support for these drug addicts. They have the opportunity to take part in regular ambulatory therapy in "The Office". Individual and group setting counseling help prepare them for stationary rehab. At the same time they go through withdrawal. It is not uncommon for the addicts to be completely set free from withdrawal symptoms though prayer, enabling them to start stationary rehab even quicker than anticipated.  

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Contact Stage in Russia

In 2007, a team of Belarussians and one German came to Tyumen to counter the desperation of drug addicts there. They visited addicts on the streets and the sick and dying in the Tuberculosis hospital, many of whom are also drug addicts. They talk and counsel, showing ways out of addiction, and offer practical help. The team live together in a big house that it always open to those seeking help. They also offer temporary accommodation to addicts.

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Contact Stage in Greece

The Contact Center in Thessaloniki was opened in 2014. It is a drop-in center for drug addicts, situated close to a public park known for its drug scene, addicts, dealers and prostitutes. In the Contact Center our staff show drug addicts a way out of the vicious circle of crime, addiction and sickness. Street work and regular visits keep the contact to many addicts alive who are still battling with the decision to quit drugs. The long-term goal is both an ambulatory therapy and stationary rehab.

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